Beaverton Lunch is a blog dedicated to finding good, interesting, and as cheap as possible  lunch in Beaverton, Oregon. The site was launched by Fred Marlow in December of 2009, we hope to grow into a large community of like-minded eaters, searching for the best lunch Beaverton has to offer. With very few exceptions, all the lunches on the site are located within the boundaries of the city limits of Beaverton.


 About Fred Marlow

A former fat man and restaurant owner, Fred recently lost over 100+ pound but he still likes to eat. What, that’s not enough? So here’s the deal… if you work in Beaverton, then you know how lazy people are when it comes to looking for a place to eat lunch. Most people don’t have a lot of time and just settle for one or two places they know about, and usually it’s just a crappy, overpriced salad or sandwich. I’m not one of those people. To me, lunch hour is sacred- and I’m not going to waste it on some generic Beaverton sandwich. This site will hopefully be a place for you to find the gems in a sea of duds (and there are a lot of those).

I’m a big fan of  all kind of food (did I mention my love of all you can eat buffets?),  so hit me with your best shot and let me know about your favorite Beaverton Lunch. All in all I hope this will be a useful resource for all of you who are lucky enough to work in this food challenged part of the Portland Metro area.


  • Age: 58
  • Married: with 3 kids
  • Where I live: SE Portland
  • Where I work: I also publish http://www.PortlandMetroLive.Com “Portland Food and Entertainment” and own a real estate company RealPro Northwest (http://www.RealProNW.Com) my office is located at 4575 SW Tucker Ave, Beaverton, Oregon, 97005
  • Favorite Food: I don’t discriminate against any kind of food (but I am particularly partial to great burgers, pizza, barbeque, chicken fried steak and fantastic deli sandwiches).

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